Spreading the Word, One Website at a Time!

About Webs4Faith

R. Lisa Massimo

Hi, I’m Ramona “Lisa” Massimo and I started this specific website design company, Webs4Faith, in September 2012. At the time I was working for a Christian foundation as the Director of Communications. It was disconcerting to find that out that there are so many churches that do not have websites; and, those that do, I found, were outdated and not being maintained on a regular basis.  

I have worked as a web designer and desktop publisher for over 35 years in a variety of markets, I “grew up” with the technology and know the importance of having a web presence.  Long gone are the days when a website was nothing more than a digital business card.  We now live in a world that is based on the internet. 

Previous to coming to work at the foundation, I was running my own web and desktop publishing company. I had a client  who was a Southern Baptist Minister.  He needed me to design a powerpoint presentation that focused on getting the Word out via the internet and that churches, specifically, should have a stronger presence online.  Statistically he showed the enormous amount of pornography content that exists on the internet — “satan at play”  he stated.  So why aren’t we, as Christians, fighting back  — Fight fire with fire, I say!!  

This was a turning point in my life — I wanted to be able to share my talents and offer my services to churches, institutions and ministries in order to help spread the Word.  My services extremely affordable — I will charge no more than $500 to design and develop a complete website which can include online giving capability, event calendars, and I can even provide the capability for your site to be translated from English into another language.  I have several theme options available and can even design a masthead and/or logo if necessary.  Matching social media accounts can also be added to match your site (i.e., Facebook and Twitter).  Want video or RSS feeds – I can do that too.

As I move forward in this new endeavor I hope I can be of service to you, your church and your ministries!